You can seek legal representation from qualified industrial disease solicitors like those on the specialist industrial disease team at Michael Lewin if you think you are entitled to claim compensation in the UK for your hearing loss.

In addition to your legal assistance being provided on a no win no fee basis any compensation you are awarded will be yours to keep and we will not make any deductions from the award for settling your claim. You can access representation from one of our expert industrial disease solicitors on a no win no fee basis so if the cost of hiring a legal professional is concerning you you need not worry about having a huge legal bill to pay at the end of your claim.

We can secure a compensation award for you if you can prove there is a direct link between your hearing defect which must have been confirmed by an audiologist in order for you to start a claim and unsafe working conditions at your place of employment. Your employer has to have been irresponsible or careless in their actions towards protecting employees from excessive exposure to the hazardous noise levels in the workplace.

We were able to gather enough evidence on behalf of Mr H to prove his employer was entirely responsible for the damage to his hearing that was caused by the noise levels in the metal manufacturing factory where he was an employee. We were able to secure £26000.00 for the damage to Mr H’s hearing.

The industrial disease solicitors who work in the occupational disease division of Michael Lewin are exerts at helping innocent victims of unsafe working environments claim the compensation they are legally entitled to under UK laws if they have developed an illness as a result of their unsafe working conditions. You are legally entitled to claim industrial deafness compensation if your employer has not been abiding by the noise at work regulations and this has left you with a degree of damage to your hearing.

Whether your hearing loss is mild moderate total or acute it is still classed as hearing defect. If your deafness has been caused by you having to work in unsafe conditions then your hearing loss will qualify forindustrial deafness compensation.

Occupational deafness falls into the industrial disease category. Industrial disease is the phrase used to describe an illness or disease that has developed as a result of the victim coming into contact with a hazardous risk in the workplace or being exposed to unsafe working conditions. There are so many different types of industrial illness that can develop as a result of unsafe working conditions that it has been necessary to implement a scheme whereby innocent employees in the UK can claim the compensation they are entitle to if their employer has failed to protect them from unsafe exposure to anything in the work environment.

To speak to one of our highly qualified industrial disease solicitors about pursuing a claim for industrial disease compensation in the UK call one of our dedicated specialists for a free assessment of your case on: 0844 499 9302.

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