Industrial injuries compensation claims can be made by employees in London who have been an unlucky victim of unprotected exposure to excessive levels of noise in the workplace through no fault of their own.

If you have been exposed to over 85dB of noise in the workplace without protection and you believe that employer should have foreseen that the cause of your deafness was a risk to your health or person and they did not do anything to eliminate or compensate for the risk then they are at fault for your hearing impairment and subsequently for the deafness you have developed.

If your employers lack of care or lack of action is the cause of your hearing impairment then you need to speak to an industry induced hearing loss expert from Michael Lewin’s industrial deafness compensation team as soon as possible about starting a claim for noise induced loss of hearing compensation. We are here to offer you top legal advice and representation from qualified and trained solicitors on a no obligation and no win no fee basis if you have a qualifying case for noise induced deafness compensation.

Mr Y’s case qualified for an award and we were more than happy after his initial consultation to move on to the next stage of his claim and start investigating the evidence to help him make a successful claim. We discovered that the noise levels in Mr Y’s workplace were deemed excessive so we were able to secure him atotal of £7210.00 in recompense for his hearing loss.

Hundreds of industrial injuries compensation claims are made every month by workers in London who have fallen victim to a workplace noise hazard that should never have been present in the workplace or that they should have been protected from with he necessary equipment.

Michael Lewin’s expert industrial deafness consultants have successfully settled a vast number of deafness claims and we have many happy and satisfied clients who have received the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to for the level of hearing loss they have sustained.

If you are worried that the cost of using a reputable firm of legal consultants such as Michael Lewin will outweigh the amount of recompense you will gain and that you will have to use your award to pay for the time we spend on your case then you need advice about the conditional fee agreement. This is the safest way of making an industrial hearing loss claim with no up-front costs and no risks of you suffering financially for pursuing the recompense that is rightfully yours.

If you need industrial injuries compensation claims advice to find out if you are eligible to start a claim in London you can call our dedicated and hardworking industry related illness lawyers today. We can give you a free assessment of your case and no obligation advice about the conclusions we draw from the information you provide about your claim. To get your case started today call the industry induced hearing impairment experts at Michael Lewin on: 0844 844 2510.

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