Starting the no win no fee industrial injuries compensation process in London is a very easy stress free and straightforward exercise if you have legal representation and guidance from the executive litigators from the industrial disease and injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Your dedicated work injury and illness representative will be there for you throughout the entire process of making a claim for industrial deafness and hearing loss compensation. You can make a claim because of an aural disease you have developed as a direct result of your employment or because you have sustained an injury to your ears through no fault of your own.

Too much noise in the workplace can cause employees to suffer a range of problems with their ears; the most dangerous problem they will encounter is the one that cannot be detected immediately. Every day that an employee is exposed to excessive noise in the workplace a small amount of damage is being done to the delicate workings of the ears. This damage builds up over time until it cannot be repaired and a victims hearing starts to fade. Once the hearing has started to go there is very little can be done to repair it if it has beencaused by exposure to excessive noise at work. You can however seek justice for your hearing loss by making an industrial deafness claim against your employer. We helped Mrs D do just that and she received a compensation award of over £15600.00 for the deafness she developed over years of working in a mill.

You could be eligible for a massive award of industrial injuries compensation if you have developed a hearing impairment in one or both ears whilst at work in a dangerously loud environment in London.

If you have sustained an injury to the ears at work which is affecting your hearing or you are suffering from work related illness of the ears you can make a no win no fee claim with the help of the expert and highly experienced noise induced illness and injury experts from the industrial disease and injury department of Michael Lewin Solicitors. The noise induced disease and injury department made up of expert and highly qualified legal consultants is dedicated to helping innocent victims of workplace noise levels and noise induced illnesses claim the compensation they are legally entitled to for their pain and hearing loss.

Ready to let us get to work on your case for industrial injuries compensation in London? Do you want to make the process as timely and as stress free as possible? If so you can call the noise induced injury and illness at work experts from Michael Lewin Solicitors industrial division today to discuss your case. If claiming compensation will benefit you and any loved ones that rely on your income and also help you come to terms with the deafness you have developed at work you need to call one of our dedicated consultants as soon as you can on: 0844 499 9302

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