Michael Lewin Solicitors are here to offer you all the help and advice you need if you want to make a claim for the hearing loss you have developed whilst working in unsafe conditions in the UK. A dedicated industrial injury solicitor can act on your behalf on a no win no fee basis in order to get you the hearing loss compensation you are legally entitled to for the damage that has been caused to your hearing by your employer failing to protect your ears from the excess noise in the workplace.

There are guidelines that all employers must follow about protecting their employees from the excess noise levels in the workplace. The control of noise at work regulations were introduced in 205 so that employers could offer greater protection to their employees from the noise levels in the workplace by being more informed about the dangers that excessive noise presents. The original regulations were the noise at work regulations 1989 but these were replaced in 2005 with better guidelines in order to ensure greater protection from employees.

No matter what industry you work in there are health and safety measures that have to be implemented depending on the nature of the work you do. If you work at height there are regulations that have to be followed in order to ensure that employees are not at risk of falling and sustaining an injury. If you work with hot materials in the workplace there are guidelines about keeping employees safe from burns and scalds. Health and safety measures in the workplace are so important for keeping members of staff safe. Your employer could be committing an offence if they are not following the health and safety regulations correctly and they could be putting you at risk of a serious or fatal injury or at risk of developing an industrial disease.

You should seek industrial injuries compensation if your UK employer has failed to adhere to the heath and safety guidelines and you are now suffering as a result. One of the most common industrial injury cases we deal with is the case for industrial hearing loss compensation.

Hearing loss if it has been caused by excess noise in the workplace is classed and an industrial disease; workers are legally entitled to make a claim against their employers if a degree of hearing loss has developed and it can be linked directly to their working environment.

So many people are at risk of developing industrial deafness but most employers manage to control the risks by taking health and safety measures seriously. Mr T’s employer however did not take the safety of his staff seriously and many of his workers including Mr T were exposed to high noise levels whilst working. We put together a solid case on behalf of Mr T and he was awarded a total of £8400.00 in industrial injury compensation for the deafness he developed in the workplace.

To start your claim for industrial injuries compensation in the UK call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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