If you have sustained industrial injuries which have led to your disablement you could benefit from making a compensation claim in London on a no win no fee basis with Michael Lewin’s expert industrial disease executives acting as your legal representatives.

If you have been employed to work in an environment where there was not adequate protection from the noise emissions in the workplace and this has caused you to suffer an impairment to your ears we can guarantee that there is a caring industrial disablement consultant here who has the necessary qualities to help you claim the industrial hearing disablement compensation you are entitled to.

The exposure to levels of noise over 85dB in the workplace destroys some of the vital hairs that line the ear which then causes the onset of hearing loss. Once the small hairs have been destroyed to the point they cannot regenerate then there is little anyone can do to prevent the onset of hearing loss. there is however something you can do to gain justice for your hearing impairment. If a lack of protective equipment at work was the cause of your hearing loss because your employer failed to effectively protect you from the level of noise you were exposed to you can make a compensation claim for the onset of deafness that resulted from this.

An industrial injuries award could be available to you for your disablement and you could benefit from claiming the compensation if you have developed a degree of hearing loss in one ear or both ears whilst working in an industry in London where the noise emissions into the workplace have not been effectively controlled by your health and safety regulations.

Michael Lewin’s exceptional industrial deafness lawyers can help you build a successful case for industrial injuries benefit if the basic criterion for starting a claim applies to your case for industrial disablement recompense. If the thought of making a workers deafness compensation claim has been filling you with dread because of the paperwork and the liaising you will need to do in order to gather the appropriate evidence you need to appoint a specialist from Michael Lewin to work on your behalf so we can take all of the stress and hassle out of making a claim for employees deafness compensation.

Mr D was free to relax and wait for his dedicated solicitor from the industrial disease department at Michael Lewin to make his claim. Because there was compelling evidence to prove that Mr D’s employer was the cause of his industrial deafness were successfully able to secure a total of £11903.00 in compensation for Mr D. this was a very pleasing result for Mr D and foot ourselves.

To start a case for industrial injuries disablement if you think you will benefit from a compensation award you need to speak to a solicitor from Michael Lewin as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss the relevant deadline for starting an industrial injuries claim in London on:0844 499 9302.

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