Could you benefit from industrial injury advice if an accident at work has caused you to suffer?

Following an accident in the workplace you need to determine if it could have been avoided by stricter health and safety policies. If your employer has overlooked the safety of their employees by failing to put health and safety measures in place then there is a chance you could be eligible to make a no win no fee compensation claim for the injuries you sustained in an accident at work. If your employer has been negligent in their actions has failed to provide you with the necessary safety equipment or has not kept the workplace safe to an acceptable standard then they are most likely responsible for the injuries you have sustained.

Your employer must ensure that a detailed health and safety assessment of the workplace has been carried out and that any risks have been identified and eliminated. If the risks in the workplace are part of the job then an employer must ensure that all members of staff are fully informed of the risks. People who are employed to do dangerous and hazardous jobs should be given full training and personal protective equipment so that the risks to their health are minimised. If you were injured because you were not trained to do your job properly or because you received faulty or inadequate protection then you could be able to claim if this was the cause of your accident.

You need to seek Industrial injury advice as soon as possible after your accident from a specialist accident at work solicitor from the personal injury team at Michael Lewin to find out if you are eligible to compensation for your injury and for any losses you have incurred whilst recovering from your injury.

Michael Lewin Solicitors will not just aim to get you compensation for the injuries you have sustained in an industrial accident. We will ensure that every loss both physical and financial is accounted for when we are negotiating your settlement figure. We do not just concentrate on the injuries you have sustained as we are well aware of the implications that sustaining a personal injury following an accident at work has on the daily life of the sufferer. Any suffering you have had to endure money wise or with carrying out activities with dependants will be factored into your award.

A claim for personal injury compensation following an accident at work was made by Mr D. Mr D worked in a meat factory. Mr D had to chop up frozen meat for packaging. The blade on Mr D’s hand saw was blunt and he requested a new one. He never received a new blade which is what caused the defective one to slip out of the meat hard frozen meat he was cutting and sever his thumb. Mr d was awarded £1980.00 in compensation.

For Industrial injury advice from the top experts on the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors either about your eligibility to make a claim or to start a no win no fee claim today you need to call: 0844 499 9302 or email

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