Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you make an industrial injury claim in London if you have suffered damage to your hearing as a result of working in an excessively noisy environment. One quick phone call is all it takes to determine if you have a qualifying industrial disease claim for occupational deafness recompense.

Noise related hearing problems are thought to affect up to 170000 people in the UK at themoment; the worrying problem is that it is expected that at least 1.1million cases of industrial deafness are going to emerge in the coming years because of people working in noisy environments without the adequate protection. Industrial deafness is not a disease that generally develops over night; it takes years of exposure to excessive noise levels for the damage to be caused to the hearingwhich then caused the haring ability to deteriorate. You may not notice deterioration in your hearing for years after you have actually been exposed to the noise. This is what happened to Mr J. He got used to working in a noisy environment and never thought anything of the potential damage that could be getting caused. He was able to makea successful claim though and was very grateful for the £30987.00 he received in compensation.

You should consider making an industrial injury claim if you are suffering from hearing loss that has developed because you were working in a high risk job in London. You can claim an award under UK regulations if your employer put you at risk of industrial deafness in the working environment.

Michael Lewin Solicitors have an outstanding team of executive legal professionals who are dedicated to helping innocent victims of high risk noisy environments claim the compensation they are legally entitled to for the illness or injury to the ears that they have developed and that they are suffering from. Your employer is responsible according to the control of noise at work regulations for providing you with a workplace that is safe to work in without running the risk of sustaining an injury or contracting an industrial disease because of the excessive noise levels in the workplace.

Many health and safety regulations now have to be enforced by all employers and they are legally obliged to abide by the regulations that are in place which relate to their specific industry. Some health and safety laws probably won?t apply to certain industries but will apply to others; if an employer is unsure about the health and safety regulations that regulate the health and safety issues in their industry it is their responsibility to seek further guidance. Employers must also ensure that the work place is risk assessed by a competent person so they can identify the areas in which risks are present that could be a hazard and check the health and safety rules regarding the risks in the workplace.

To start an industrial injury claim for hearing loss compensation in London you need to call one of the industrial disease experts from the industrial deafness and disease department at Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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