Industrial injury claims advice can be made by workers in London for the loss of hearing they have sustained whilst working in a dangerously hazardous loud environment.

If you have been rendered hard of hearing you need expert legal representation from the dedicated industrial hearing loss experts from Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds. The hard of hearing department can assist noise induced hearing loss (deafness) victim who have developed occupational hearing loss through no fault of their own because they have been subjected to excessive noise levels in the workplace. If you have become hard of hearing because of your inadequate occupational environment you are legally entitled to claim compensation for your hearing impairment.

If your employer has not identified any appropriate measures they may be able to take to eliminate or minimise and employees? exposure to the dangerous excessive noise in the environment at work then they could be causing damage to an employee’s hearing which could deteriorate their hearing in later life. Even if your hearing seems fine at the time you are working damage could slowly be caused to the inner ear at a rate that is not noticeable to you on a daily basis. If this is the case the damage could become irreversible and will cause you to suffer serious hearing difficulties later in life. Where the risk of exposure to noise in the environment is low employers only need to make simple and inexpensive changes to the workplace in order to protect employees.

You should seek industrial injury claims advice as soon as possible about claiming in London for the hearing impairment you have developed from your working conditions.

Michael Lewin’s department of exceptional industrial disease lawyers are here to help you from the moment you start your case to the moment your compensation award is sent to you. We will not concentrate solely on securing you the recompense you are legally entitled to for your actual impairment; we will also aim to help you with any other struggles you have encountered as a result of your noise-induced hearing loss like losing out on earnings or being unable to communicate. When we make an occupational hard of hearing case for our clients we aim to get them the full amount of recompense they are entitled to for all of the suffering that their industrial disease has caused not just for their loss of hearing.

A total of £15640.00 has just been awarded to Miss H for the loss of hearing she has developed as a result of operating machinery in her place of work without the adequate protection; her employers admitted they did not offer an adequate level of protection.

For industrial injury claims assistance with pursuing compensation for the deafness you have developed in your excessively noisy work environment in London through the fault of your employer you need to speak to one of the highly qualified and experienced lawyers from the industrial deafness team at Michael Lewin Solicitors to commence a claim today on: 0844 499 9302.

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