Industrial injury claims advice can be sought by UK employee suffering from industrial deafnessif their employers have failed to identify hazards in the workplace and whose employers have failed to implement safe practicing procedures in the workplace with regards to the safe use of equipment in the workplace and also if they have neglected to provide employees with the correct equipment.

Therearenumerous health and safety regulations which are legal requirements in the UK and different regulations will apply to certain industries more than others. The control of noise at work act 2005 relates to a surprisingly wide range of different industries. Noise at work is usually associated with industries such as ship building steel and metal manufacturing and mining. It is a less commonly known fact that nightclub workers bar staff and even call centre operatives are also at risk of suffering from industrial hearing loss. Any level of deafness which has been caused by exposure to excessive sound levels in the workplace is classed as industrial deafness and could qualify for a compensation award.

You should seek industrial injury claims advice if you are suffering form industrial deafness in the UK.Claims can be started by workers under UK law who have suffered from neglect in the workplace which has caused a deterioration of their hearing. If your hearing has been damaged temporarily or permanently no matter how mildly or severely your ears have been affected you are entitled to make an industrial disease claim for deafness compensation if you can prove that your employer is the root of your hearing loss.

Most employers are bound by health and safety laws that they have to abide by in order to keep their workers safe and minimise their risk of exposure to anything hazardous in the workplace. If there are dangerous substances in the workplace then employees must be provided with all of the necessary equipment in order to ensure they receive the maximum protection from the substances they come into contact with.

Safety equipment alone is not sufficient to protect members of staff from dangerous substances in the workplace; employers must provide comprehensive training to all workers new or old about minimising their exposure to the substance by using the safety equipment safely and handling the substances safely. Equipment is useless without the correct training on how to use it. The importance of using the safety devices they are provided with should be made very clear to all workers and rules about using safety equipment should be enforced.

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