You could be entitled to industrial injury compensation if an incident in the workplace that could have been avoided with better health and safety measures has left you injured and suffering.

If your employer failed to carry out an extensive health and safety assessment of your working environment and you had an accident because the risks in the workplace were not identified and eliminated you could be entitled to claim industrial injury compensation if the accident has left you injured. Without a health and safety assessment there is no clear identification of the risks in your place of work; if the risks are not outlined then an employer cannot take measures to eliminate the risks- this means an accident is much more likely to occur. Your employer has a legal obligation to provide you with a safe workplace and the equipment necessary to make your job safer.

Not only do you have the right to a safe working environment and the appropriate safety equipment you also have the right to receive training that is of an appropriate standard to enable you to do your job safely and without risking an accident. if you have not received the required training and you have had an accident as a result you are also entitled to make a personal injury claim for your injuries.

Finding out if you are entitled to seek industrial injury compensation for the injuries you sustained in an accident at work is easy.

One quick phone call to an industrial accident specialist from the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors and your case can be assessed in a matter of minutes. We have so much experience in the personal injury field that we can tell you over the phone if your case will be successful and if you are likely to receive a compensation award. After you have had your free case assessment we will discuss your options with you based on the outcome of our initial conversation.

Miss Z came to Michael Lewin Solicitors for advice about making a personal injury claim for the injuries she sustained in a workplace accident. We assessed Miss Z’s case and she met with all the necessary criteria to qualify her to pursue a claim against her employer. The criteria you need to make a claim are:

? That the accident was caused because of your employers negligence recklessness action carelessness or inaction.

? That you sustained injuries in the accident that required medical attention.

? That the industrial accident took place no more than three days from the date you want to start your claim.

Because Miss Z met the criteria she was awarded a total of £2900.00 in industrial accident compensation for her injuries.

To start pursuing industrial injury compensation with a qualified and highly trained legal consultant by your side throughout the entire process you need to call the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302. If you delay you may miss out on your chance to claim thousands in industrial accident compensation.

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