Miss Jameson was awarded compensation after seeking industrial tribunal advice from Michael Lewin about claiming in the UK.

Miss Jameson had worked as a sales and marketing representative for 5 years for an international company. She was well liked amongst fellow members of staff and clients alike.

Miss Jameson was offered a promotion and was over the moon. She took the promotion and moved to another office in the same building. She then started to suffer sexual harassment in the workplace by the director that had recommended her for the promotion.

?He would not leave me alone. He said I owed him for my promotion and that if I didn?t go out for a drink with him (and more) then the only place I would end up was cleaning the office toilets. I knew I had to seek industrial tribunal advice from somewhere in the UK about trying to resolve this situation.?

Miss Jameson took her employers to an industrial tribunal and was pleased with the results. Her job was safe and the evidence in the form of texts and emails was enough to sue her director for sexual harassment.

If you have suffered sexual harassment at work and need industrial tribunal advice about claiming in the UK phone Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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