Michael Lewin Solicitors represented Mrs Drogba in her industrial tribunal to claim compensation for unfair dismissal.

Mrs Drogba had worked full time in a hotel as the supervisor of the laundry services. When the hotel decided to contract out their laundry services to an external company she was told her position was no longer available.

Mrs Drogba attempted to reason with her employers before considering an industrial tribunal. She wanted them to consider moving her to an alternative position within the hotel. As the hotel was more interested in saving money and making cutbacks she was refused.

?I had worked at the same hotel for over 20 years. I was then told that the hotel were no longer doing the laundry in-house and that me and 3 other members of staff were to find other work. We were not even offered compensation or anything. I decided to take my employers to an industrial tribunal to claim compensation for unfair dismissal.?

Mrs Drogba was delighted with the result of her industrial tribunal and her 3 colleagues were successfully able to claim too. If you have been in a similar situation and require Michael Lewin Solicitors help at your industrial tribunal to make a claim then call 0844 499 9302.

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