Michael Lewin Solicitors? expert industrial tribunal claim advice helped Mrs McCobb gain compensation at a tribunal in London. She was constructively dismissed from her much loved job due to her age.

Mrs McCobb had worked as a full time line operative in an apple packing company for 23 years. The factory was close to her home and had been an ideal job for her. Mrs McCobb was nearing retirement age and wanted to slow down a bit by maybe reducing her hours and working in a different area where she did not have to lift heavy boxes of apples.

Mrs McCobb approached her line manager and put forward her request. He said if she couldn?t do the same work that everyone else in the factory had to do then she should look for work elsewhere. After 23 years she didn?t want to start again but she didn?t want to give up work altogether.

?After I explained my circumstances and the fact I was struggling to lift heavy boxes my line manager just made my life a nightmare. He liked staff to behave like they were robots and had no compassion for his staff. He just wanted to impress the owner with increased productivity. He wore me out to the point I had no choice but to leave. My son told me to seek industrial tribunal claim advice about applying for a tribunal in London.?

Thanks to the guidance of Michael Lewin Solicitors Mrs McCobb was amply compensated for the way she had been treated at the factory and has now taken a small part time job working in a lovely caf

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