Mr Andrews sought industrial tribunal claim advice form a Michael Lewin solicitor about his claim for compensation after suffering from stress at work.

Mr Andrews had been a technical support representative for six years. He worked in a large company with over 100 members of staff. He was very comfortable in his position and had excelled in his job.

Due to the recession the company had started to make cutbacks on a ?last in first out? basis. Mr Andrews’s job was safe as he was one of the longer serving members of staff. The company had not however decreased the level of work. After making 25 members of staff redundant their workload was shared out amongst the other members of staff.

?We had so much work to do in order to keep our job with the company. We were working extra hours to get it done for no extra pay. We were made to feel that if we didn?t reach the targets we would be next to go. I decided to seek industrial tribunal claim advice about making a claim for compensation after I suffered from severe stress at work.?

Mr Andrews was more than adequately compensated for the stress he was put under by his employer and is extremely happy with the help and advice he received from Michael Lewin’s solicitors.

If you have suffered stress at work and would like industrial tribunal claim advice about making a claim then call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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