Mr Hodges was successful with his industrial tribunal claim after seeking advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors regarding compensation after being constructively dismissed.

As the freight shipping manager for a large international haulage company Mr Hodges often worked long unsociable hours and would even get called in in the middle of the night to deal with problems. All the staff members relied on him to keep things ticking over perfectly which he did.

Mr Hodges had always been paid well for his extra hours so he didn?t mind putting in the extra time. One day the company owner took him to the side and said that given the recession he was no longer able to pay him anything other than his basic salary but that he would have to continue doing the extra hours if he wanted to keep his job.

?I could not believe that after 12 loyal years of running his company he had the cheek to tell me I basically had to work for nothing. I have a family to feed and they are not going to feed themselves. I could not cope with the pressure of working such hours and struggling to make ends meet. I had to leave. My wife suggested seeking industrial tribunal claim advice about compensation.?

Mr Hodges was extremely grateful to Michael Lewin Solicitors for the help and advice he received about his industrial tribunal claim. He feels that the result means 12 years of hard work has not been wasted.

If you have been constructively dismissed and would like industrial tribunal claim advice about seeking compensation then call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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