Mr Dennison sought Michael Lewin solicitor’s expert industrial tribunal claim advice about applying for a tribunal in the UK.

Mr Dennison had been a long distance HGV driver for over 15 years. He had worked loyally for his employer for 13 of them. He had even accepted being made to take days off unpaid when they were quiet just to help the company out.

One day Mr Dennison had a terrible accident whilst working. He was covering up the tipper wagon and was stood on the ladders of the trailer. He lost his footing fell off and smashed his leg in 15 places. He was taken to hospital and had to have emergency surgery to pin his leg together and have his skin stapled up. His employer refused to pay him sick pay.

?I was astounded with the way my boss turned on me after my accident given the loyalty I had shown him for years. My wife said that I was entitled to sick pay so I asked my employer again. He said no. She then urged me to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about making an industrial tribunal claim in the UK. I?m so glad I did.?

Mr Dennison was surprised to find that not only was he entitled to sick pay from his employer he was also entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation for the accident he had at work. He couldn?t have been happier after contacting Michel Lewin solicitors. Call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302if you need industrial tribunal claim advice in the UK.

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