Mr Abramowicz was awarded compensation after Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal lawyers helped him make his claim.

Mr Abramowicz had worked within a large team of software design engineers for four years. He is extremely skilled and imaginative and had never struggled to do his job. He kept himself to himself and got on quietly with his work. He had never noticed any hostility from his co-workers and was quite happy to go into the office every day.

?One Friday afternoon one of my colleagues said they were all going out for a drink after work and did I want to go. I said no thank you as I do not drink. After that I used to get constant insults such as ?are you going back home to your concentration camp after work? as I would not join them in the bar for a drink. I wonder if they maybe felt rejected and lashed out? No idea. My work life became intolerable. I decided to seek advice from one of Michel Lewin’s industrial tribunal lawyers about making a claim on the grounds of my co-workers race discrimination.?

Mr Abramowicz suffered severe bullying in the workplace due to his Jewish origins. It appeared to be a case of ?if he won?t join us we?ll beat him? from his colleagues. Mr Abramowicz is very pleased with the success he had at his tribunal.

If you have suffered race discrimination and would like advice from one of our industrial tribunal lawyers about making a claim then call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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