Mr Jirusek contacted Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal lawyersabout making a claim for compensation after being discriminated against because of his age.

Mr Jirusek worked for a large company that had many large contracts making machinery for use in snow such as gritters and snow ploughs. He had worked for the same company for 30 years and had watched it grow from a small company to a successful large one. The more technical the products got that they made the more technical the machinery was that needed to be used.

Mr Jirusek was a welder for the company very experienced and adept at his job. The company always trained up members of staff on new equipment and made sure they were certified before they were allowed to use it. Mr Jirusek always put in an application for training for the new equipment as he was keen to learn new skills. He never did get trained on anything and he started to wander why:

?I was keen to work with equipment such as the new plasma cutter and the steel laser as I had been doing just welding all my life. I approached my supervisor and requested to be trained on the new machinery and he said that it was expensive to send people on the training courses so he?d rather send the younger ones as they would be working for longer than me and easier to train as I was getting old. This had been going on for longer than 5 years so I decided to seek help from one of Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal lawyers about making a claim.?

Mr Jirusek was awarded compensation for the way he had been treated because of his age. He took his employers to an industrial tribunal as he received no support or backing from anyone at his company. If you have been in a similar situation and need help from one of our industrial tribunal lawyers with making a claim call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302.

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