Mr Collingwood sought advice from Michael Lewin’s expert industrial tribunal lawyers about claiming compensation on the grounds of the bullying he had received from colleagues.

After a serious motorbike accident left Mr Collingwood with major disabilities he stunned friends and family by making an almost full recovery. He was still classed as disabled but thanks to extensive physiotherapy and support he was able to lead a relatively normal life. He has scarring to one half of his face and still speaks with a lisp but all major limbs are fully functioning. Bored at home after his recovery he decided to look for a job.

Three years ago Mr Collingwood took on a job as a landscape gardener thinking that it would help him keep fit and well. The company had large contracts to maintain gardens in schools nursing homes and private homes. Etc.

?I was happy doing my job I loved it. But my new supervisor for some reason did not like me. He used to tell me that he didn?t have any work for me that day because we were working at a school and my face would scare the children. He constantly used to bully me about the way I looked it was awful. I decided to seek advice from Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal lawyers about claiming compensation.?

Mr Collingwood had already suffered enough stress for one lifetime and was eternally grateful to Michael Lewin Solicitors for their help and support. They helped Mr Collingwood gain thousands in compensation.

If you have been a victim of bullying at work and need the advice of one of our industrial tribunal lawyers about claiming compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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