Mr Rollinshaw used Michael Lewin’s team of industrial tribunal lawyers to apply for a tribunal in London. He had been unfairly dismissed from his employment.

Mr Rollinshaw had worked at the local golf course for 3 years full time. It was his first job and he had worked there for 2 years part time since the age of 14 until he left school at 16 and was taken on full time. Mr Rollinshaw covered all manner of jobs at the golf course from tending the greens to working in the bar and waiting on in the restaurant.

Mr Rollinshaw was well liked by all the clients and all his colleagues. He was a hard worker and a loyal colleague. One weekend Mr Rollinshaw went and got the tattoo done that he?d been designing for months. It was a large one that covered one shoulder and the top half of his arm. It could not be seen under his shirt when he was working in the bar or restaurant.

?One day I was out mowing the green and I only had a vest top on. The owner of the golf course came over and asked what on earth I was doing working on his green with such an ugly display of body art on show. He told me to get off his property as I was destroying the image he had taken so long to build up. I decided to seek advice from one of Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal lawyers about taking my employer to a tribunal in London.?

Mr Rollinshaw had been unfairly dismissed because his employer was prejudiced against people who had a tattoo. Thanks to the expert help of Michael Lewin Solicitors though Mr Rollinshaw was successful in his claim for compensation.

If you have been in a similar situation and need advice from one of our industrial tribunal lawyers about UK tribunals then call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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