Mrs Fain used Michael Lewin Solicitors to assist her at an industrial tribunal in London after being subjected to sex discrimination at work.

As a statistical analyst Mrs Fain was successful and confident in her full time role. She worked in an office of over 40 members of staff and her work was usually rated amongst the top 5. At the office party she overheard a couple of her colleagues talking and found that they were being paid a significantly larger salary than she was.

Mrs Fain did her job and was paid well for it but she did not understand why she had overheard her colleagues in the same job position as her discussing much larger bonuses than she had ever received.

?I went to discuss the situation with the managing director of the company. I was basically infored in a very flippant manner that if I was as good at golf as the rest of the lads in the office then I?d be getting paid the same as them. I decided to seek help from Michael Lewin Solicitors about applying for an industrial tribunal in London?.

Mrs Fain took her employers to an industrial tribunal in London on the grounds that she was being discriminated against on the grounds of her sex. The company director was giving bigger bonuses to the male members of staff that he played golf with even though they were all in the same job and had the same levels of success.

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