Miss Jessop was awarded compensation after seeking the help of Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal solicitors to assist with her claim.

Miss Jessop worked as an animal technician for the local veterinary surgery. She loved animals and she loved her job. She had worked for the vets for three years since she was sixteen. All she had ever wanted to do was work with animals. It was quite a large practise and there were 6 animal technicians (one of them the supervisor) that were there to assist the vets and provide domiciliary care for the animals.

All of the jobs were supposed to be shared out equally amongst the 6 technicians on a rota organised by the supervisor. Miss Jessop had noticed that ever since she worked there she was always the one that cleaned out the dog kennels; she never got to exercise the dogs. She always cleaned out the cat cages but never got to feed and water the cats. She mentioned it to one of the vets who told her to speak to her supervisor but she was too scared.

?I always ended up doing the horrible jobs and I quite clearly had the largest portion of the dirty jobs. Everyone else had time for tea breaks together but I was always working to get the jobs ticked off my rota. The supervisor and the other girls were a bit older and all really good friends and I felt left out. I spoke to my mum about it and she suggested we speak to one of Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal solicitors who recommended that I make a claim.?

Miss Jessop was awarded compensation as she was a victim of bullying in the workplace. The supervisor and the other members of staff effectively ostracised and left out Miss Jessop.

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