Mr Garvan used Michael Lewin’s team of industrial tribunal solicitors in order to make a compensation claim after he suffered harassment at work because of his nationality.

Mr Garvan a Polish National had worked for a large estate for three and a half years. He worked for the team of foresters that maintained the logging business for the estate. At Christmas time they would chop down Christmas trees and sell them in the estate grounds the rest of the year they were planting new trees or harvesting the larger ones to be sold for furniture making.

Mr Garvan had been harassed repeatedly since the start of his employment but as he said himself he had had 12 knockbacks from other employers before being offered this job so was grateful to be employed at all. Therefore he had put up with it. The icing on the cake however for Mr Garvan was discovering that he was in fact being paid less than the other employees.

?Ever since I started they used to sit and openly discuss racist subjects saying things such as ?won?t be long before everyone is employing poles to work for 50p and hour and no one that belongs in this country has a job.? I put up with it because I was glad to have a job but then overheard my boss saying that they kept me on because I was cheaper than everyone else. I could not believe the attitude they had towards me. I decided to seek advice from Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal solicitors about seeking compensation for this treatment.?

Mr Garvan was right to seek compensation from his employer for the way he was bullied at work. Michael Lewin Solicitors helped Mr Garvan to claim a vast amount of compensation.

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