Mr Popplewicz was awarded compensation after receiving help from Michael Lewin’s team of industrial tribunal solicitors in London.

Mr Popplewicz worked for the local authority cleaning and maintaining the busses for the transportation department. He had done this for 4 years and there had never been a complaint about his work nor had he ever had any disagreements with his colleagues or superiors.

The need for more bus drivers arose and the opportunity to get trained and get a bus licence was offered first to the existing employees of the bus company. Mr Popplewicz asked his supervisor to recommend him for the job as a bus driver as he thought he had proved himself to be a trustworthy and loyal employee.

?When I asked my supervisor to recommend me for the job he told me that I should stick to cleaning and not try stealing the better jobs from the other employees that deserved to be trained for their licence. He said all I would do is get my licence and disappear off back to my own country. I was so hurt by this conversation and though his treatment of me was unfair. One of my colleagues suggested I speak to one of Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal solicitors about my position in this matter and possibly apply for a tribunal in London.?

Mr Popplewicz was able to settle the matter without applying for a tribunal and was put forward for his training and is now happily earning more money as a driver.

If you need the assistance of one of Michael Lewin’s industrial tribunal solicitors about applying for a tribunal in London then call 0844 499 9302.

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