After the advice he received for Michael Lewin Solicitors about an industrial tribunal in the UK Mr Abaza applied for one after being a victim of religious discrimination at work.

When Mr Abaza took his job as a software support engineer seven and a half years ago he made very clear to his employers his religion and his strict beliefs about the ritual of praying 5 times per day.

Usually Muslim Ritual prayers are to be performed in a gathering with one leading the prayer but can be performed individually if necessary. Mr Abaza was willing to sacrifice his ritual gathering for the job he had been desperate for but made sure in his contract that there was allowance for individual prayer time in the workplace. This had never interfered with his work and his boss was quite happy with the arrangement. When his boss was promoted a new manager was appointed:

?I had prayed every day in that office for seven and a half years and not one had any of my colleagues complained. It made no difference to my work performance whatsoever. My new manager however said he would not tolerate me praying at work as it was ridiculous. He said I lived in Britain and I should behave like I belonged there. He was unbelievably racist and made my life hell?.

Mr Abaza received no support from his boss’s superiors so consulted Michael Lewin with regard to taking his employer to an industrial tribunal in the UK. After the tribunal Mr Abaza was quoted as saying he was delighted with the help he received in defending his rights as a Muslim. If you have suffered race discrimination and would like advice about applying for an industrial tribunal in the UK then call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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