Industrial hearing loss compensation is widely available in the UK for workers who are experiencing deafness as a direct result of their unsafe working conditions.

Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you make a hearing loss compensation against your employer if they have not been following the safety measures detailed in the noise at work regulations. If your employer has ether neglected to provide you with the necessary safety equipment to protect your ears or they have not given you advice about the risks of exposure to the noise in the workplace then you will have a valid compensation claim if their negligence has caused damage to your hearing.

The control of noise at work regulations were introduced on 2005 to replace the previous regulations in the noise at work act 1989. The aim of the control of noise at work act 2005 is to protect employees from excessive noise in their place of work that could cause them to lose some or all of their hearing ability.

Noise at work can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss to employees who are not provided with the adequate safety protection. Many people experience temporary deafness after leaving a noisy environment but even so this should not be ignored as it could be causing serious and long lasting damage to the hearing.

You could be eligible to claim industrial hearing loss compensation in the UK if you have been the victim of excessive noise in the workplace and the excessive noise levels were not controlled or managed effectively by your employer.

Your employer has a duty to minimise the risks in whatever from they present themselves in the workplace in order to keep employees safe from harm. An employer can cause harm to an employee by failing to follow the health and safety at work guidelines and the harm can manifest itself in the form of an injury from an accident or illness from exposure to something hazardous in the workplace. If your employer has not risk assessed your workplace and has done nothing to eliminate or control any hazards in the workplace then there is a good chance you are in danger of developing an industrial disease or having an accident in the workplace that results in a serious injury.

Mr I’s employer did not carry out a risk assessment of the noise emissions in the workplace and as a result years of working alongside machinery that emitted an excessive amount of noise caused Mr I to develop a serious hearing impediment. Because of his employers lack of care Mr I had an eligible compensation claim ad we were successfully able to settle his case and award him with a total of £14670.00 in compensation.

If you want to start claiming industrial hearing loss compensation for the deafness you have developed whilst working in the UK you can call a personal injury lawyer from the industrial disease team at Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302to discuss your eligibility to make a personal injury claim for industrial disease compensation.

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