A man in his forties from Ilford spoke to Michael Lewin Solicitors after he fell from a ladder at work; if you have suffered any injury at work and want to find out if you are eligible to make a compensation claim lawyers at Michael Lewin have a fantastic success rate with personal injury claims in the UK.

Mr J was 43 years old when he was hurt falling off a ladder at work. Most fatal accidents in the work place have been caused by falls from height. Past figures indicate that in just one year 40 workers died as a result of slips trips and falls. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 sets legal guidelines which apply to any work which takes place at a height where there is a risk of a fall which could cause personal injury. The regulations are in place to protect employees from injury and ensure that employers are following the correct health and safety procedures.

Ladders should only really be used for tasks which are low risk and not likely to take a long time. In many instances other equipment could be safer to use such as scaffolding or a cherry picker. If a ladder has to be used it needs to have a secure footing to avoid it slipping. It needs to be tied at the top and have some kind of stability at the bottom. The ladder should be at the correct angle and should be long enough so you don?t have to use the top three rungs. The ladder should also be checked for any defects before it is used.

If you have suffered a fall at work like Mr J or have suffered any injury at work as a result of an accident that wasn?t your fault and want to make a compensation claim lawyers at Michael Lewin will make a claim on your behalf in the UK against the person or organisation that was responsible.

Mr J did not only suffer physical injuries from the accident but he also had to take time off work. Michael Lewin will help you claim compensation not just for your physical injuries but for any financial losses such as time off work. Compensation for loss of pay can include overtime and bonuses. You may also be entitled to claim for travelling expenses for medical appointments or public transport costs if you have been unable to drive. If you are unable to carry out any normal domestic tasks because of your injury this will also be taken into account. This part of your claim can increase your compensation award considerably.

If you have suffered any injury at work and want to discuss a compensation claim with specialist personal injury lawyers in the UK call Michael Lewin Solicitors today for professional and sympathetic advice: 0844 499 9302.

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