Michael Lewin have many years? experience with making a compensation claim for an accident at work that our client has been the victim of. We were pleased to secure £6500.00 for Mr P.

Mr P was 32 and he lived in Harrow when his claim for compensation took place after an accident in work. He was injured in a very unusual accident; a wall at his workplace fell down on him.

Our client was badly injured; he sustained multiple injuries. He suffered cuts and severe bruising to large areas of his body. He suffered pain and discomfort for many weeks after the accident.

Michael Lewin have experts who have dealt with hundreds of workplace accidents; your claim will be settled with competence and dignity.

Under the employers liability act of 1969 most employers are required by law to insure against liability for injury or disease to their employees as a result of doing their job. There is a law called the Employer’s Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act which basically means that your employer has to have liability insurance of an appropriate level to cover against any work related accidents or illnesses. Your employer should have a copy of their liability insurance in the workplace which is available for all staff members to see.

If you need to make a compensation claim for an accident at work Michael Lewin has a team of experienced severe accident solicitors to deal competently with your claim.

Michael Lewin have a team of dedicated accident at work solicitors with wide-ranging knowledge of employer’slegal dutieshere to take your compensation claim.

Employees are also responsible for their own health and safety in the workplace. You do have the right to refuse to do a job if you believe it is not safe or if you have not been provided with the correct equipment to do the job. Your employer cannot dismiss you or threaten to dismiss you if you refuse to work for genuine health and safety concerns for yourself or your colleagues. If you have any concerns about health and safety at work you should always talk to your employer first; they may simply be unaware of any problems. If your employer does not listen to your concerns and act upon them as a final resort you may have to report them to the local authority’s environmental health department.

To make a compensation claim for an accident which caused injuries to you in work; call Michael Lewin on:0844 499 9302. today.

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