Mrs G was awarded over £3500.00 injury at work compensation thanks to the expert representation she received form Michael Lewin’s lawyers; due to the nature and severity of Mrs G’s injuries we were able to successfully secure compensation on her behalf in London.

Mrs G made a claim for compensation against her employer after sustaining serious injuries to her person at work. Someone had left a box in the doorway which was a serious tripping hazard. Mrs G tripped over the box and fell.

The accident was not Mrs G’s fault so Michael Lewin Solicitors were happy to take on her case after assessing it over the phone. Michael Lewin’s solicitors were very pleased with the speed in which the managed to secure compensation for Mrs G.

The Health and safety at work 1974 is by no means an exhaustive act other additional acts have also been introduced as supplements to enhance it such as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98). These additions are very much more niche to certain sectors of employment law which employers of office workers will rarely if ever need to deal with. Employers who have manual workers or who have workers who need to use machinery which is inherently dangerous can usually find more exhaustive requirements by asking a law firm or by doing a check for their legal obligations online. Another set of workers who require separate working requirements includes agricultural workers and workers who are around things such as coal dust and loud noises.

A duty of care is a much used legal term which comes into play when a company or organisation does something which could be reasonably expected to cause another person harm either intentionally or through neglect.This harm could be either a physical injury the most common type we see here or it could be a mental injury or the financial consequences of an accident could be harmful to the individual and his or her family.

Michael Lewin’s injury at work compensation lawyers in London secured a total amount of £3772.00 in compensation for Mrs G.

Employers of any size of organisation or company has got to by law arrange for a plan which identifies and tries to ameliorate all identified risks. A health and safety policy must be in place in every workplace taking into account the aforementioned risks. This policy should mention all the provisions which that company makes to protect their employees? health and safety.

This policy should be available for all employees to view and comment on at all times. The provisions which are mentioned in the health and safety policy document should all be able to be seen by employees.

Over ten years Michael Lewin Solicitors have dealt with thousands of compensation claims. We have built up an excellent reputation for getting claims settled quickly. Our customer service skills are second to none as all our clients are treated as individuals not as case numbers.

Call our friendly injury at work compensation lawyers if you wish to start a case in London today. Phone Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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