A woman aged 51 took legal advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors after she sustained an injury lifting a heavy item at work; there are strict laws in place which protect employees involved in heavy lifting and compensation will be fought for by lawyers in the UK if regulations have not been followed.

An employee can make a claim for compensation if they can prove that their injury was caused as a direct result of someone else’s action or inaction. If there is an unsafe system of work in place or if dangerous working practices are being used there may be cause for a personal injury claim.

In this case Mrs H from the seaside town of Prestatyn in Wales was injured when she lifted a heavy item at work. Michael Lewin accepted her claim on a no win no fee basis after it was proved she was not at fault. Another typical example of claims relating to manual handling was the claim made by a 56 year old man from Coventry who was awarded ?3000.00 when it was proved that lack of training had caused him to hurt his back whilst loading heavy metal casings. Basically an employer should always assess the dangers and reduce the risk of any injury relating to any manual handling operation their employees are required to carry out otherwise they can be liable for any injuries.

Any claim relating to an injury at work which has been sustained as a result of manual handling will be assessed by the personal injury team for evidence of negligence and fault; if a case is accepted a claim for compensation will be pursued by the lawyers who work hard to reach a speedy resolution for all of their clients in the UK.

Personal injury is a complex area of the law which is why it is important to have your claim assessed by a legal expert. Basically manual handling relates to the moving of items. This involves lifting lowering carrying pushing or pulling. Sometimes the weight of an item can cause an injury sometimes it is the amount of times an item is carried. It can also be the distance an item is carried or the height it is being picked up from or lowered down to.

Manual handling is a common cause of work related injuries. These injuries can include musculoskeletal disorders such as upper and lower limb pain joint and repetitive strain injuries.

Compensation is awarded for pain suffering and loss of amenity. Loss of amenity covers things like not being able to continue a chosen career or carry out normal domestic tasks. Compensation is also awarded for lost wages travelling expenses for attending medical appointments prescriptions private medical treatment etc. The list is quite long as long as the expenses are a direct result of an injury they can be included.

If you have suffered an injury at work and are seeking compensation call the professional lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK for professional advice: 0844 499 9302. today.

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