Miss R was awarded injury at work compensation following her accident in the workplace; Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds helped Miss R make a claim for compensation and we were very pleased with its success.

Miss R is a worker in a care home. A lot of care jobs involve manual handling as part of the everyday tasks that employees are required to carry out. Nursing home staff may be required to lift up to 50 patients per day. Care workers should all be given manual handling training before being allowed to manoeuvre patients alone.

Some care homes have very strict health and safety policies under which staff are not allowed to move patients alone. Some care homes provide ?parachutes? or slings? which are excellent devices for helping to move patients manually form their bed; but eve using these needs the appropriate training because if they are used incorrectly an injury could still be sustained.

Quite often electronic hoists will be used to lift patients off the bed to change their sheets or wash them these hoists can also be used to safely move patient into a chair without any manual handling at all. Hoists should not be operated without the appropriate training as incorrect use does have a serious risk for the patient.

If you have had an injury at work you may be entitled to compensation; Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds are happy to assess your case over the phone.

Miss R was very unfortunate while she was manually moving a patient at work and she trapped a nerve in her back. A trapped nerve is usually caused by pressure on the nerves by the soft tissue surrounding them. Soft tissues are tendons cartilage muscles and ligaments. In the majority of cases the pain is caused by the soft tissue pressing a nerve against bone. Quite often pain from a trapped nerve radiates to other parts of the body it does not just stay at is source. A trapped nerve can be a very debilitating injury and does affect a person’s quality of life.

There is however very little chance of a trapped nerve having any long term and serious effects on the body (as long as it is not trapped for too long). A trapped nerve is excruciatingly painful but generally only lasts for a few days. The best treatment for a trapped nerve is plenty of rest. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to help ease the pain.

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