International Women’s Day 2016 – inspiring young women

It’s worth us remembering on International Women’s Day that some really amazing women out there inspire younger girls. Recent research from the Girl Guides shows that young girls suffer from the low representation of women in top jobs across public life.

In another initiative by the Girl Guides, senior section members of the organisation were asked which women under 25 they believed inspired them and others like them.

The resulting poll produced their “Top 10 most inspiring women under 25” report which highlights some pretty amazing women who definitely do inspire a younger generation.

The list includes the likes of Emma Watson (UN Ambassador, Actress and Model) who speaks out about Gender Equality, Hannah Cockcoft (Paralympian) who inspires so many young women to hit their full potential and Malala Yousafzai (Campaigner) who campaigns for girls rights to education; the list covers women from a wide spectrum of professions.

Looking at the report, Crystal Bolton (Employment Solicitor at Michael Lewin Solicitors) commented “It’s a brilliant list of truly inspiring women that have come top in this poll. It’s easy to look at their own outlooks on life and womanhood and take a few lessons from them, some of the key ones being: to be 100% confident about who you are; always look for the positives in life; continue to strive to be the best advocate for young women today and to strive for equality and support each other.”

The report can be found at:

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of everything that women do to make the world a better place, it celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. However, it is also a reminder and a wake-up call to the world that all is not well with the way the world and society is structured. The economy doesn’t always work for women, politics doesn’t always work for women, and society doesn’t always work for women. Women can find themselves without a level playing field, discriminate against because of their sex, and sadly, violence against women is still a global pandemic.

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