UN Accuses Islamic State Of Executions Rape And Child Abuse

UN Accuses Islamic State Of Executions Rape And Child AbuseThe UN has accused Islamic State fighters in Iraq of assassinating political community and religious leaders and also government health and educational workers. In addition to this claims include sexual assault rape and other violent acts against women and young girls forced recruitment of children kidnappings executions and robberies – some of which constitute as war crimes. They have also allegedly destroyed places of worship and places with historical or cultural significance.

An investigation has now been launched which centres around the violation of citizens particularly by the Islamic State but also Iraqi forces and allied fighters who have not taken any precautions to protect civilians. In the most recent and detailed report it has been estimated that at least 5576 Iraqi civilians have been killed this year due to the conflict between ISIL sunni militants led by al Qaeda and the nation’s ruling Shiite groups.

As the list of human rights violations surmounts Navi Pillay the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has stated that ordinary people are being deprived of security as security systems deteriorate. Their livelihoods homes educations healthcare and other basic services have all been denied and prisoners or detainees are also being executed.

The Iraqi Interior Ministry also launched an investigationwhich revealed the Islamic State had taken 510 Shiite prisoners from prison to an agricultural area where they then executed them them. The report is based on a testimony from one of the survivors as a total of 17 managed to escape.

All criminal injury from abuse to murder enables a claim for compensation. Anyone who has suffered as a result should contact us now for advice on fighting for justice.


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