Mandatory Jail Sentences For Knife Crime

Mandatory Jail Sentences For Knife Crime

In a 404 to 53 vote the House of Commons has supported mandatory jail sentences for anyone caught twice with a knife and mandatory detention for those under the age of 18. Much to everyone’s amazement Labour and Conservative have united against Lib Dems. The general consensus was that knife crime needs to be prevented and that the public wholly support the notion.

Conservative MP Mr. de Bois stated: “Let’s face it to kill someone with a knife you first have to carry a knife.” Last year alone 8000 fines and cautions were given for knife carriers. The movement attempts to address knife crime with the gravity required to ensure public safety and justice for victims. They believe that prevention is better than cure.

However some have argued that the existing penalties in place for knife crime have already seen large declines and that the new law for mandatory sentences could in fact become more damaging. For example they believe there could be an increase in young offenders because gang members will get those beneath them to carry knives for them. They also commented upon the fact that a larger proportion of people stopped and searched are black which may result in a disproportionate number of black people sent to jail who then re-offend. Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn stated in no way was he approving of carrying a knife but that it should be left to the courts to decide upon a penalty.

However the new structure has reportedly been put in place to allow the clear point to be made that carrying a knife is a serious offence worthy of prison time. Yvonne Lawson was among many to support the appeal. She lost her son to a fatal stabbing last year and said she was “elated” by the bill. She believes that people need to know if they take the law into their own hands they will face punishment. Knife crime is a criminal offence and any victims are advised to ring MLS.

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