Reports Reveal Jimmy Saville Claimed At Least 500 Victims

Reports Reveal Jimmy Saville Claimed At Least 500 Victims

A new study by the NSPCC commissioned for BBC’s panorama to investigate Saville’s link to the government has revealed he claimed at least 500 victims during his long-stretching paedophilia spree and has been labelled one of the UK’s worst offenders in history. His youngest victim is alleged to have been just 2 years old.

How could this be possible? Saville was a smart and cunning man shown by his ability to keep his secret hidden for so long and manipulate those around him. He managed to worm his way into favour and gain access to Broadmoor hospital where the majority of his victims were aged between 13 and 15. He first became involved though the League of Friends charity in the late 1960’s where he was later given a set of keys and a house in the hospital grounds – and there you have it. A paedophile securely housed within the ward putting him in close proximity with unlimited access to hundreds of vulnerable children.

In 1987 he was appointed to serve on a unit’s board and received £1230 a month for his position. In other words the hospital were paying for his crimes despite concerns from staff about his behaviour. His position of authority was cemented by the fact that people began to call him ‘doctor’ despite having no medical qualifications to his name. He was later made head of a task force in an attempt to solve rising tensions between medical staff. This movement was apparently pushed by senior civil servants who were ‘star-struck’ by the DJ and presenter.

The investigation seeks to: uncover how Saville got so close to the heart of Britain’s establishment why the BBC failed to take effective action and reveal a culture of ignorance that protected the offender. A dozen hospitals under the NHS including Broadmoor are now under further investigation.

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