Those On Job Seekers Forced To Work Zero Hour Contracts

Those On Job Seekers Forced To Work Zero Hour Contracts

For those who have had to endure the trials and tribulations of job seekers the system is well-known to be far from perfect!

You can be refused a payment because you went to a meeting through job seekers to help you find work and the message had not been passed on. You can be unable to attend a meeting because getting to your destination would cost more money than you have in your pocket after bills and rent!

With this in mind job seekers have now also been imposed with the shark of zero hour contracts which they are not allowed to refuse.

If they do turn down zero-hour contracts which we all know are a great way for a horrific working life they will be sanctioned. These sanctions can include a delay or complete withdrawal of benefits.

There are 1.4 million zero-hour contracts in our active workforce and the government have now given the go-ahead that the job centre should mandate zero-hour contracts.

However these types of contracts allow temporary and often little to no work as the employer is not obliged to offer work. In the majority of cases if job seekers are on this type of contract they are listed as employed although they may not be earning enough money to live on.

In many fast food chains rather than give their employees more work they take on more staff to spread out the work load even though their current staff are under-employed. Some places have even put a clause in contracts that forbids their employers undertaking any other work – including voluntary! They also have the right to refuse pensions and paid holiday.

As underemployment grows into a major problem zero-hour contracts allow for bad and unfair employers because it stops them from having to abide to certain employment obligations.

The government should not condone this type of mistreatment towards human beings especially those with few options. Those on job seekers should not be forced to enter into these contracts but rather look for more permanent work. Their benefits should not be stopped.

If you have been unfairly treated by your employer involving discrimination bullying discrimination unequal pay wrongful dismissal etc contact us for advice on claiming compensation. No one should be subjected to suffering during employment.

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