Mr S is delighted with compensation of £4000.00 that he received after approaching Michael Lewin for help after his knee injury; if you have suffered from any knee injury at work call our understanding and professional staff at Michael Lewin.

Mr S from Liverpool suffered a bad knee injury whilst carrying out his routine tasks at work. He had to climb onto the conveyor belt.

Suddenly he injured his knee whilst climbing on the conveyor belt. Knees are more susceptible to twisting or stretching injuries taking the joint through a greater range of motion than it can tolerate.

If the knee is stressed from a specific direction then the ligament trying to hold it in place against that force can tear. Ligament stretching or tears are called sprains. These sprains are graded as first second or third degree based upon how much damage has occurred. Injured knees can take a long time to fully heal as the joint is used so frequently.

Mr S asked Michael Lewin to take his knee injury claim as he felt that his employers had neglected several of their important duties of care towards their employees.

All employers? duty of care to their employees means that they have to provide competent staff a safe working environment and the correct equipment and systems for work.

If you have suffered from a knee injury at work which was someone else’s fault call Michael Lewin’s expert solicitors to start your claim today.

Section 16 of the health and safety at work act 1974 permits approved codes of practice which explains different practices acceptable the different working environment will stop these approved codes of practice can be used as an indication for the courts as to whether the actions of the employer were safe and reasonable. The onus is on the employer they have exercised reasonable care or they are liable in the eyes of the law.

If you feel that your employer may not have exercised the correct duty of care towards you then you may be entitled to make a claim if you can say yes to these simple questions:
1. Have you been injured at work?
2. Was this the fault of third party?
3. Have you been injured as result of the accident?
4. Have you suffered any financial losses as a result of the accident?
5. Accidents like these are usually caused when objects are not correctly stowed away. This type of accident is very easily preventable.

If Michael Lewin can help you with a knee injury which was sustained at work call today to talk to caring staff on:0844 499 9302.

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