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Lawyer For Business – ML Solicitors; Does your commercial organisation need a lawyer for help and advice in regards to employment law issues that may be affecting your business in Bradford? Employment law can seem quite overwhelming for many organisations; however as a business owner or manager it is imperative that you keep up-to-date with changes made in UK law as a failure to do so can result in your business facing expensive legal action at the Employment Tribunal.

The services on offer at Michael Lewin Solicitors and how the lawyers here can assist your business

The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors are here to provide a range of services to business owners directors and managers that relate to employment law situations. Employment law can often be a minefield for businesses across the UK with constantly evolving and changing laws and legislations to keep up-to-date with. Our organisation is so successful at employment law that we subcategorise our specialists into various different fields to ensure that businesses receive specialist advice and assistance. These teams include:

Deterrence – these legally trained specialists are here to assist businesses by protecting them from litigation. These experts will look over all your policies and procedures to ensure that they are ?in-line? with UK law and can help you implement new policies to ensure that you are protecting yourself from litigation. Their services include drafting contracts of employment creating staff handbooks organising and producing grievance and disciplinary procedures implementing antidiscrimination measures and helping with the disciplinary and dismissal process.

Solution ? these experts are here to help businesses who are already facing legal action or have received a complaint within the organisation. They will be able to defend your organisation stringently whilst looking at the claim that is being made against you and then advising your business on the best possible path to take to achieve the desired cost-effective and timely outcome.

Do you need a lawyer for help and advice in regards to any of the above issues that may be affecting your business in Bradford? Our legally trained experts are just a phone call away from assisting your business and they will be able to put your enquiry forward to the best available solicitor within our teams.

When businesses are faced with legal action at the Employment Tribunal it can sometimes attract the attention of media organisations and an article which was published in the Pink News on 5 April 2006 discusses an employee who was awarded compensation for discrimination. A particular section of the article reads ?A special forces spy was awarded œ12000 in compensation yesterday after an employment tribunal found that she had suffered a catalogue of abuse whilst serving in the British Army’s special forces. The 30-year-old Corporal Leah Mates told the hearing that she contemplated suicide after she was groped threatened and labelled as a lesbian and ?poisoned dwarf? in reference to her slight stature during a 10 year campaign of persecution by male colleagues. She claimed that she was dragged in the dirt by her hair and was forced to share a tent with nine men one of whom fondled her in an inappropriate manner.?

If your corporate organisation needs a lawyer for help and advice about any employment law matter that may be affecting your business in Bradford you can contact the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on:0113 200 9720.


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