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Lawyer For Business – Solicitors; Are you in search of a specialist lawyer for assistance with terminating the contract of employment of an employee at your business in Hull? If you are looking into terminating an employee’s contract with your company but have no grounds for a fair dismissal the highly skilled professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could assist in negotiating and drafting a settlement agreement that will allow for the termination of the contract of employment without the risk of future repercussions that could lead to time-consuming and costly tribunal action whilst ensuring the best interests of the company are protected.

The Northern Echo published an article on Sunday 14 July 2013 written by Graeme Hetherington reporting that "Axed chief executive received œ250000 pay-off from controversy dogged Cleveland Police".

The article says that "A controversy-hit police force has agreed to œ250000 pay-off for a chief executive who had four months to run on his contract when he was removed from his job".

It explains that "Stuart Pudney was replaced in his role Cleveland Police Authority straight after the election of the new Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger in November. It has now emerged that Mr Pudney received more than œ250000 including a compensation payment of œ81520 and a pension payment of œ170147."

Do you require the expert services of a lawyer who specialises in commercial and employment law for advice and assistance at your business in Hull? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our dedicated team could offer advice and assistance with regards to the drafting and terminating the contract of employment negotiating and drafting settlement agreements and advising and assisting in various methods of alternative dispute resolution to ensure the best interests of your business are protected and you achieve the best possible outcome available to you given the particular circumstances.

The above-mentioned article tells us that Stuart Pudney was "replaced less than 12 months after being handed the task of leading the authority through changes in the wake of the Operation Sacristy in which several people with connections to the falls were arrested in connection with a criminal investigation. Mr Coppinger seconded Ed Chicken a senior officer from Middlesbrough Council with whom he had worked during his time as a councillor in his place. Mr Coppinger has defended Mr Pudney’s pay-out saying it was agreed with arbitration body ACAS."

Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide you with a highly qualified and experienced lawyer who specialises in the particular area of law that is required for the services that you need for your business in Hull such as employment dispute resolution and the negotiating and drafting of settlement agreements to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for your organisation; so speak with our helpful advisers today to discuss our full range of legal services in greater depth on: 0113 200 9720.


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