Leading Lawyer Wants MI Banned Following a Surge of Allergic Reactions

Leading Lawyer Wants MI Banned Following a Surge of Allergic Reactions

A leading lawyer has called for a ban on a chemical used in beauty products after it has been named as the cause for a surge of severe allergic reactions.

The chemical methylisothiazolinone (MI) is used in beauty products as a preservative so that it lasts longer.

This year there have been several reports of allergic reactions which have left people with painful blisters swelling itchy eyes and one woman suffered such severe swelling that doctors were concerned she would be unable to breath.

MI attracted attention earlier in the year after it was allegedly the root of several extreme reactions to Piz Buin Sun cream.

Watchdog even featured a segment about the chemical in one of their shows in September.

James Ashton head of our product liability agrees with the lawyer and is calling for a ban of the controversial chemical.

“It should be banned it is not a chemical that adds in anyway to the product. The allergen levels of this chemical far outweigh what should be deemed as acceptable. People are suffering horrendous problems from the products due to this chemical a lot of the problems arise whilst on holiday whilst they are using their suntan lotion. This causes embarrassment for the user and results in them having to cover up on holiday and completely ruins their holiday this is not fair at all.”

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