Leeds University developing Pothole-fixing drones

The University of Leeds have won a £4.2 million grant to lead and create pothole-fixing drones.

This pioneering world-class research project will enable Leeds to become the first “self-repairing city” in the UK.

Small robots will be designed to carry out maintenance works with minimal disruption to road users. The robotic drones can fly like birds to inspect, report and repair damaged road surfaces. Such ground breaking research will develop new robots that can proactively inspect and prevent potholes as well as operate within utility pipes performing precision repairs. These will be tested before being trailed in a safe environment in Leeds.

Leeds could be the first city in the world to be free from disruption caused by constant digging up the road. These robots and drones of the future will be designed to perform smart repairs and the upkeep of roads up and down the country.

This is good news to all drivers. Potholes is an ever increasing problem for British road users. According to recent study, a car is damaged every 11 minutes due to potholes. The most common car damage are to the tyre, suspension and wheels. Around 50,000 damage claims were made last year.

It’s claimed Britain has a pothole for every mile of road. Potholes and damaged road surfaces are particularly dangerous to cyclists and especially with the recent wet weather – it is important to stay alert and road users in general to reduce their speed.

Whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist or motor vehicle driver. If you have sustained an injury due to a pothole or damaged road surface, you may be entitled to make a claim.

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