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HR review published an article on July the 2003 by Alistair Kane discussing how to keep employees happy with communicating workplace change.

He states that "Change is inevitable. Whether it is planned or not it’s the one thing in life we can never really be sure about. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! Change in the workplace can lead to great advancement – while accepting and adapting to change often leads to great benefits not all changes are universally popular."

He goes on to say that "Because of this ensuring employees remain unified happy and motivated in the face of workplace change should be as big a job as in plenty changes themselves – so how do you keep staff on side with communicating change?"

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The above-mentioned article advises on four main key points:

? Encourage your employees to expect change
? Communicate
? Expect encourage and welcome questioning
? Listen

The article explains that "If employees know that the organisation they work in welcome that needs change it will be afraid of it ? sometimes the uncertainty of change can be disillusioning and scary".

It also informs us that "If you don’t let employees know about effective changes until the last moment a sudden "reveal all" approach a shock surprise or alienate them. In order for employees to remain happy and on-site with their roles and their employers the need to feel valued and above all connected as part of a team. The best way to achieve this connection loyalty and happiness is through good communications."

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