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Legal Advice On Employment – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Are you an employer seeking expert legal advice on promoting equality and diversity at your company to avoid employment disputes within your organisation in Hull?Then you should consult with the employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors over a no obligation call to discover how our dedicated team could offer the advice guidance and assistance that you need with regards to drafting and implementing company policies and procedures that allow for equality and diversity within your business that will minimise the potential for disputes to arise due to a lack of equal opportunities or discrimination.

An article published by HR Review the 18th June 2013 written by Helena Parry discusses paternity leave and whether or not it is really a money problem.

Her article says that "The Trade Union Congress released figures this week which got me thinking once again how we can address the issue of diversity in the workplace. According to the TUC less than 1% of fathers are taking Additional Paternity Leave (APL) with fewer than one in three (29%) spending longer than two weeks at home following the birth of their child."

The article goes on to say that "Well there has been more focus on encouraging more women back to work after childbirth these figures suggest to me they could also be a need to persuade more men to take longer paternity leave. There are understandably reasons behind this low number of men taking APL and the TUC highlighted the low-level of statutory pay as one of the main challenges."

Are you in search of legal professionals who could offer you accurate advice that is tailored to suit your business requirements on minimising the potential for employment disputes arising within your workplace in Hull with regards to equality and diversity? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors today to discover how they could use their pragmatic approach and resourcefulness to offer advice and guidance that is tailored to your needs.

The above-mentioned article further discusses "Needless to say there is some taboo around who should to be the stay at home parent after a child is born with this often falling down to the female in the relationship. However if it was financially viable for a father to take extended paternity leave would receive a greater balance in the gender divide? When you consider that these figures are in line with statutory maternity pay what could suggest that is not necessarily just about the money. So what is really holding men back?"

It is then added that "There is of course the very real possibility that men are being put off by the negative perceptions associated with a career break".

The highly skilled professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could offer you the accurate and personalised legal advice you need an employment rights of working parents and help you promote equality and diversity within your organisation to minimise the potential of disputes arising that could lead to claims being brought against your company in Hull due to breaches in employee rights or discrimination; so call our helpful advisers to discuss the full range of services and how they can benefit you today on: 0113 200 9720.


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