Mrs L asked Michael Lewin Solicitors for legal advice after she slipped on a spillage in a shop; Michael Lewin looked at the circumstances of her accident quickly established third party liability and began processing her claim for compensation from their office in Leeds.

There are basic rules which must be followed to reduce the risk of slips either at work or in a public place. Failure to follow these rules can lead to liability for an accident and injury to another person. Basic housekeeping rules are vital and an employer must ensure that there are strict procedures in place and that their staff are following these procedures without exception.

Water and contaminants should be kept away from walkways as much as possible. If a spillage occurs it should be cleaned up immediately. Whilst this is being done there should be either a warning sign in place or the area should be completely blocked off. Any employees such as cleaners who are exposed to wet floors as part of their job should be provided with suitable footwear. Particular care and attention should be taken during the colder months when rain ice and snow increase the risk of wet floors as moisture can easily be tracked inside from people’s shoes.

It is advisable to contact a personal injury advisor as soon as possible to ensure that you get expert legal advice regarding your accident before you start any course of action; this will help speed up your claim and you are guaranteed a caring friendly and extremely professional service from Michael Lewin’s personal injury team in Leeds.

Slippery surfaces are a major health and safety risk anywhere and the consequences can be very serious. They are one of the major causes of accidents in the UK second to road traffic accidents.

40 people have died in one year as a result of slips trips and falls and more than 15000 workers have suffered major injuries. These accidents the majority of which are preventable have cost our society millions of pounds.

If you have had an accident which wasn?t your fault you don?t need to worry about paying out huge sums of money in legal fees. Michael Lewin work on a no win no fee basis which means they recover their legal fees from the third party if your claim is successful. If they accept your claim you won?t be charged a penny win or lose. That is because Michael Lewin are confident that your claim will be successful and the risk if theirs if they fail.

If you want to get legal advice from experienced personal injury advisors if you have had a accident that wasn?t your fault and think you may be entitled to make a compensation claim call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds:0844 499 9302.

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