20 year old Mr W sought legal help from Michael Lewin Solicitors after he slipped on a wet floor in a pub; he wanted legal advice in relation to making an accident compensation claim in the UK.

Mr W from Manchester wanted to claim compensation for injuries he sustained after slipping on a wet floor in a pub. Claims involving injuries that have been sustained during a slip, trip or fall have risen over the last decade. The seriousness of the injuries can vary quite dramatically. In one case handled by Michael Lewin Solicitors a 35 year old woman was awarded £24000 in compensation after she injured her hip at work when she slipped on water from a leaking roof.

Michael Lewin have handled many cases involving slips trips and falls and have an outstanding knowledge of this area of personal injury law in the UK.

Employers can only escape liability for a claim made against them if they have evidence of a duty of care. They need to prove they have a good working practice in place for dealing with slip and trip risks in the work place.

Michael Lewin maintain an extremely high level of service in this complicated area of the law offering sound legal advice and assessing every accident for evidence of negligence; they will examine all the details of the accident and advise their clients if they are entitled to make a compensation claim for their injuries in the UK.

You are entitled to claim compensation if you can prove that your accident was someone else’s fault. As long as there is a clear case of third party negligence you can make a claim The main types of claims which may entitle you to claim compensation for an accident at work are damaged equipment or using the wrong equipment an unsafe system of work contact with hazardous materials poor health and safety.

Michael Lewin accept all genuine cases on a no win no fee basis which means their clients do not have pay anything at all. This is brilliant news for anyone who has had an accident that was not their fault but may be hesitating to make a claim because of fear of the legal costs. There are no catches to this arrangement and clients will receive 100% of the compensation.

If you have been hurt in an accident at work or in a public place and need legal advice and a highly experienced personal injury solicitor to make an accident compensation claim on your behalf in the UK just call Michael Lewin Solicitors: 0844 499 9302.

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