There are different levels of hearing impairment and each level will be awarded a different amount of compensation but with the help of a professional and highly qualified executive from Michael Lewin Solicitors if you are suffering from hearing loss and it is your employers fault we can help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to in London for your level of hearing impairment.

If you believe the hearing defect you have developed is noise related and is caused by you having worked in an excessively noisy workplace and you can prove that your employer’s failure to give you the appropriate personal protective equipment is the cause of your impairment then one of Michael Lewin’s experienced legal representatives can offer you advice about any area of industrial compensation law.

We are experts in the arena of industrial disease law in relation to employment induced diseases and because of the high level of expertise our specialists have in this area we can advise you on any noise induced hearing defect issues you may have. Rest assured no matter what type of industry caused disease or defect you are suffering from there is a specialist here who can help you claim the award you deserve.

No matter what levels of hearing impairment you have developed you will need the help of a solicitor from Michael Lewin to help you gain the compensation award you deserve and resolve your case in the timeliest manner when you start your case in London.

You can access workplace induced deafness claims advice free of charge from an expert industry disease specialist claim solicitor from Michael Lewin if you think you are suffering from hearing loss because your employer has exposed you to a hazardous level of noise at work.

One of the dedicated and caring industrial disease lawyers from the industrial disease department at Michael Lewin Solicitors can offer you advice about the validity of your with one quick conversation which can be done in a phone call. At the end of your free case assessment we will inform you whether we think it is worth continuing to an investigation of your employer’s negligence in order to start a case for industry induced deafness compensation for the loss of hearing you have developed.

If you think you may have a valid industrial hearing loss claim like Mr T you can access our no win no fee services over the phone and you may be surprised to find you too could end up with thousands of pounds in compensation. Mr T received just over £11000.00 for his industrial deafness suffering and mild tinnitus he developed as a result of exposure to noise levels over 85dB.

For advice about the different levels of recompense that are available for hearing defect in the workplace victims or for an assessment of your case to see how much compensation you could be awarded by claiming in London you need to speak to an industrial disease specialist from Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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