Local Government Stress at Work – Speak Up!

Local Government Stress at Work – Speak Up!

This week an anonymous blogger has posted an article about stress and the crumbling hierarchy in local government.

The article which can be found here outlines that stress at work still remains a taboo. They say that despite being local government a body which celebrates their achievements publicly they are still plagued with stress at work like any other office.

The blogger has said that it has a “stigma” and people are reluctant to speak about it.

They hint management are becoming so stressed that they turn into shells “I’ve known managers that were run into the ground burnt out and forced into early retirement.”

The blogger lifts the lid on a working life not otherwise publicised the matter is that although we may not have thought about it it is inevitable. With growing public sector job cut statistics redundancy figures and general uncertainty with employment circling round our heads and leaving us dizzy it is inevitable that this is happening.

In 2011 the figures published about job cuts in the public sector reached 132000 and 170000 members of local government were given risk notices. In the first three months of this year local government lost 26000 jobs.

Times are difficult and the blogger said that people are taking on more than they are capable of through fear of job cuts. They are dedicated to standing out and accepting every task given to them saying no is not an option.

The writer builds up a picture of growing tensions insinuating they are set for a downfall. The fear of losing their position means that the stress is displaced onto the junior members of staff and they now have no save haven for these frazzled employees.

Very little appears to be holding together these overworked individuals with no one wanting to stand up and say “I can’t cope!” through fear of being handed their p45.

The writer finishes the piece with the advice so badly needed.

“Just like stress and mental health issues more generally we need to talk about them more openly. It’s a tough time for the sector so it’s going to be stressful. We can’t sweep this one under the carpet.”

It’s time to ban the stoic attitude this country is so often labelled with and admit there is a problem.

Richard Coulthard

Head of stress at work

If you believe that you are suffering with stress at work please feel free to contact the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0113 200 9720

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