London Hospitals are at “Breaking Point”

London Hospitals are at"Breaking Point"

London hospitals are facing a £4bn deficit by 2020 because the hospitals are at breaking point NHS England has warned.
NHS England which strives to improve the NHS says that unless there is a “radical and urgent overhaul” of the service patient care could be harmed.
It said that demand for healthcare will be more than they can supply due to increasing costs and the population ageing and they said that this could make the NHS “unsustainable”.
The Department of Health believe that the NHS should make savings of £20bn by 2015.
NHS England in London have highlighted some factors that put pressure on the NHS in London which the BBC reported;
Life expectancy in London has risen by 5.2% since 1990 – a year longer than the national average – but stark variations exist between boroughs.
About 80% of premature deaths in London are attributable to lifestyle factors such as alcohol smoking poor diet and a lack of exercise.
More than 130000 women give birth in London every year and the birth rate is increasing by 3% a year.
The number of Londoners aged 65 and over is set to increase by 19% based on the 2011 census.
1 in 5 children in London are at risk of obesity.
The rate of acute sexually transmitted diseases is higher in London than in any other region.
NHS England are asking the public for their views to help develop plans that meet the city’s needs over the next ten years.

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