If you have been in a car lorry motorcycle or bicycle accident on a road in the UK and you have sustained an injury through no fault of your own you can get free advice from the claims experts on the personal injury team at Michael Lewin Solicitors.

If you are thinking about making a claim for personal injury compensation do not consider it for too long; you only have three years from the date of the incident in which to make a claim for personal injury compensation. We can offer you a quick assessment of your case over the phone and if you decide to proceed we can get started the same day.

Mr K decided to utilise the ?no win no fee? service offered by Michael Lewin Solicitors after he was injured by a third party driver. Mr K was hit in the rear of his vehicle and the impact caused by the accident meant that he sustained some painful injuries. The type of injuries that Mr K sustained are often associated with car accidents of this nature. Following our advice Mr K received nearly £2000.00 from the third party for the road traffic injury he sustained.

Following a car lorry or bike accident you should seek claims advice immediately as there may be a compensation award waiting for you. With our help you can claim the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to for the level of injury you have sustained.

Not only can we help you claim compensation for your injuries we can also help you claim for any other losses or damages you have incurred because of someone else.

When you are awarded compensation if you make a claim for additional costs as well as for your actual injury your award will be broken down into two elements:

The first element is for the pain and suffering you have had to endure along with provisions for any loss of amenity. This part of your award is called general damages and provides compensation for your injury and for any losses you have incurred in your day to day life for example if you have been left unable to get your children to their place of education.

The second element is known as special damages and is there so that you can claim back any financial losses you have incurred as a result of the road traffic accident. This element makes provisions for people who have had to use their own money to pay for anything medical related as a direct result of an accident or for those who have suffered loss of earnings because of their injuries.

To start your road traffic claim involving a car lorry or bike accident call the claims specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0844 844 8180.

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