You can make an employment related hearing loss claim for personal injury recompense with the help of the loss of hearing claims experts from Michael Lewin Solicitors on a no win no fee basis if you have a qualifying case.

Michael Lewin Solicitors are more than happy to take your industrial hearing loss or deafness case on a no win no fee basis. This will ensure that you get the compensation you legally deserve and at the same time we will ensure that you do not suffer financially because you are making a claim for the hearing injury compensation you are entitled to.

We can assess all employment related partial and total hearing injury claims over the phone with your representative if you need one or we can communicate with you directly via post and email. If you want to communicate directly with a hearing injury specialist with the help of a representative you are more than welcome to visit Michael Lewin’s offices.

After an assessment of his case Mr M decided to seek compensation for the damage he had sustained to his left ear as a result of his workplace. Mr M worked in a printing press and sat with his left ear to the machine at all times whilst watching the screen for printing errors. Mr M’s employer’s state they did not realise the noise generated by the machine was so excessive that he required protection. As a result of their negligence as they should have carried out an appropriate health and safety test of the noise levels we were able to ensure that Mr M received an award of £8200.00.

A loss of hearing claims specialist from Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you make a claim for personal injury compensation if you have suffered damage to your ears as a direct result of the environment you have been working in.

If you have been working in an environment where the noise levels are excessive and your employer has failed to offer an appropriate level of protection from the noise you need Michael Lewin Solicitors to help you make a successful personal injury claim.

There is no better company consisting of such highly of qualified and experienced solicitors as Michael Lewin. If you need specialist advice and representation for your personal injury claim for industrial deafness compensation you can speak directly to a lawyer at Michael Lewin.

The work related aural injury compensation experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors are all highly experienced personal injury specialists and can help you claim the compensation you are entitled to for the hearing injury you are experiencing.

If you need loss of hearing claims advice about making a personal injury claim for the ear ailment that you have developed as a result of your industry then you can speak to a dedicated and highly experienced aural injury consultant from Michael Lewin Solicitors about your eligibility to start a claim. There are time constraints in relation to getting your case started so do not delay calling us; we are eager to hear from you or your representative today. Call us on: 0844 499 9302

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